Africa Untamed Wilderness Adventures

Our organization is counted amongst the most responsible names from Africa. We offer completely tailor-made safari and tour packages for individuals, families and groups keen to explore East Africa.

It's all in the name!

What's in a name? Just about everything, if you’re talking about Africa Untamed Wilderness Adventures (AUWA). "Africa" is Mother Africa, the very birthplace of humanity. "Untamed" describes a land of pure and unspoiled natural beauty, superlative because it is neither manufactured nor manicured. "Wilderness" is discovered in magnificent national parks and preserves: world renown settings filled with wondrous and diverse natural resources - ranging from Africa’s much celebrated wildlife, to breathtaking landscape vistas, secluded beaches, underwater reefs, and even traditional cultures - all safeguarded through stewardship and conservation. "Adventures" conjures up images of thrilling safaris, majestic odysseys, unforgettable journeys, and even unique and meaningful sojourns that invigorate and rejuvenate. I can assure you that AUWA fully lives up to the huge promise of its name.

Africa Untamed Wilderness Adventures (formally Puma Safaris) is a company which specializes in exclusive small luxury tour packages as well as group tours for discerning clients. With more and more tourists venturing away from home eager to see more than the traditional wildlife or trooping to the beaches, our company has come up with exciting packages to promote the country’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

The founders and employees of Africa Untamed Wilderness Adventures(AUWA) are experienced travelers and travel professionals who are knowledgeable, capable and passionate about the services the company offers and promotes. We also provide unique, luxury tours and travel experiences, for a niche market of discriminating clients, which results in their satisfaction, evidenced by repeat bookings as well as favorable word-of-mouth comments. We distinguish ourselves as a specialist in the field of luxury travel and we are already recognized for offering personalised and exceptional service as we anticipate the needs and desires of our clients.

We have partnered with Safari Bookings to get updated feedback from our clients with the aim of improving our services and delighting our customers.

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